Torneig Lego

Space exploration in this year's First Lego League

On 9 February, the UAB will host the First Lego League, an international competition aimed at making science and technology interesting to young people. The pillars of the programme are the values emphasising the ability to learn from others, cooperation and contribution to society. Read more

Genètica Barbadilla

Over 800 new genome regions relevant to human evolution identified

Researchers from the UAB have found genetic evidence of human adaptation in 2,859 genome regions, including well-known ones such as those responsible for lactase persistence and high-altitude adaptation. The data forms part of the PopHumanScan project, a thorough inventory of regions demonstrating evidence of natural selection in the human genome. Read more

Biennal Ciutat i Ciència

UAB researchers participate in the City and Science Biennial

From 7 to 11 February Barcelona will be celebrating the first edition of the City and Science Biennial, with over 90 science popularisation activities to bring science closer to society. The biennial includes the collaboration of some 120 entities, including the UAB, and almost 140 science professionals. Read more


NanoEduca awarded National Prize for Scientific Communication

The NanoEduca programme, with the involvement of the UAB, was awarded the 2018 National Prize for Scientific Communication, granted by the Government of Catalonia and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation for "introducing nanoscience and nanotechnology to upper secondary education students and teachers".

Read more